Hi, I am Melissa and I am an opioid addict/alcoholic in recovery since July 6th 2009. I am also a Licensed Addictions Counselor and have my Master of Social Work from the University of Montana, School of Social Work located in Western Montana.

Other labels I ascribe to include: mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, advocate to vulnerable and oppressed groups of people-like people suffering from co-occurring disorders, artist, community member, and by the Grace of my Higher Power and twelve step groups I am a productive member of society today. 

I am excited to take this next leap and create a space of compassion and support for one another while we break stigmas and stereotypes one blog post at  a time!

Thank you dear readers. Please email me with any questions, suggestions or resources you need. If I cannot answer you I will find someone who can. 

Best Wishes,